Ground support equipment
aviation ground equipment

Founded in 2008, Orientitan GSE Limited is a dependable manufacturer of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) used by airlines all over the world. We provide customers with aircraft towing tractors, passenger stairs, container dollies, baggage towing tractors, and much more. We have rich industry experience. We are well aware of the challenges faced by airport personnel and we work extremely hard to provide solutions and improve upon existing products. Today our equipment helps airport crews all over the world ensure that air transportation goes as smoothly as possible. Some of our most well-known customers include Qantas, Dnata, and Menzies.
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Featured GSE(Ground Support Equipment)
    1. 20FT Air Cargo Pallet Dolly2 Overall dimension: 7983mm x2720mm x570mm
      Working platform size: 36496mm x 2720mmx520mm
      Payload: 18000kgs
      Own weight: 3200kg
    1. Open Airport Baggage TrailerOverall size: 4141mm x 1500mm x 1262mm Working platform size: 3000mm x 1500mm x 560mm Own weight: 700kgs Payload: 2000kgs (4420lbs)
    1. HD-CB802 Aircraft Baggage Belt LoaderHD-CB802 baggage belt loader belongs to the latest type of baggage loader which meets the highest emission standard and is independently developed by our company.
    1. Self-Propelled Baggage Towing TractorHD-BT25/30 self-propelled baggage towing tractor mainly provides traction service for luggage, goods and mail during the handling process of aircraft and consigns single trailer or freight train, which is widely used in traction work in airports, ports, wharves, stations, ....
    1. HD-PSC5800 Aircraft Passenger Stair TruckHD-PSC5800 aircraft passenger stair truck is a commercial chassis modified aviation ground equipment developed by our company for passengers to get on and off the plane.It is mainly used for boarding passengers. The cabin door height is between 2400-5800mm.
    1. HD-WSZ/WSE Aircraft Water TruckHD-WSZ/WSE aircraft water truck is a self-propelled airport dedicated device to provide clean water for aircraft. It is widely used in Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, Boeing B727, B737, B747, B767, B777 and COMAC C919.